Phedor Vaporizer

About Vapezilla Vaporizer Company

Vapezilla was created by Wicked Roots Vaporizer, sharing our passion : the design and realization of herbal vaporizers intended to give the most accurate herbal vapor reproduction, ignoring all costs and difficulty. This passion - at times overriding the demands of sleep and leisure - resulted in the creation of prototypes that produced a demand in herbal connoisseur circles. During the first auditions, these prototypes were even considered to be superior to the best vaporizer on the market at that time.

Encouraged by this success, Wicked Roots Vaporizer decided to take all the steps necessary to move away from a hobby towards rational production : in this way, Wicked Roots was created in 2000, and began to market vaporization equipment, individually made from original schematics, and hand-built by Wicked Roots technicians. There is a particular philosophy of creation which Wicked Roots strives to attain, the taste of authentic active herbal vapors without the taste of ANY toxins related during the selection of critical interior components, that of true vaporization. Differences seem to appear with comparative tasting, but the Wicked Roots quality is recognizable each time during anonymous blind testing.

The search to capture the best most consistent vapor reproduction experienced in Vapezilla line of herbal vaporizers, led Wicked Roots to develop true vaporization equiptment such as the (Vapezilla) True Vaporizer and the (Phedor) Hybrid Vaporizer from specific Wicked Roots schematics. As a result of this vapor research, they decided to produce the vaporizers most important feature : the ceramic heating element - entirely made at Wicked Roots. Huge, indestructible and built for a lifetime, this ceramic heating element gives the vaporizer absolute stability whatever the load may be. During inhalation all users have their "specific" air flow of inhalation, altering flow rating causes vaporizers to be less effective. We use Vapor Logic Dynamic Control to adjust these minute differences. The electronics section of our vaporizer is molded in a special non toxic sealant, guaranteeing no electronic toxins to leak into the inhalation track, while excelling in heat stability. The specifications with regard to taste are astonishing.

Vapezilla Vaporizers offer for the first time in the world an original hybrid technique of vaporization. Wicked roots Vaporizers are the only vaporizers which keep to their specifications after years of use. This explains why, for those who have sampled our vapor reproduction, that only Wicked Roots offers vaporizers with the quality of taste inferior to any herbal vaporizer on the market. In contrast to the best of other vaporizers, Wicked Roots Vaporizers do not need any bias adjustment. . For these reasons, Wicked Roots Vaporizer and Hybrid Vaporizers represent the best true vaporization system for all herbal connoisseurs, whatever the load. They have superb dynamics from the taste to the strength of therapeutic sensation.