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Tobacco for Vaporizers

Vapezilla Vaporizer recommends Al-Waha flavored tobacco. The Al-Waha flavored tobacco brand is considered by a majority of Hookah connoisseurs to be the most flavorful tobacco available on the market. These types of herbs can be used in all our tobacco vaporizer models. The quaility of the smoke surpasses any other brand, as Al-Waha provides a smoother more enjoyable smoking experience. Al-Waha flavored tobacco is manufactured in Jordan, and is available in both Exotic and Traditional flavors. Purchasing small 50 gram box of flavored tobacco is an excellent method if you are interesed in sampling a variety of flavors before choosing your most favorite. A 50 gram box will last 7 large smoking bowls. We also reccomend the Phedor Vaporizor to vaporize your contents. This technique has already gained worldwide acceptance and are in majority of hookah bars worldwide.