Collection: Age Policy and Verification

Age Policy and Verification in Vapezilla

To purchase electronic cigarette products from this website, you must adhere to the legal smoking age requirements (21 years or older for US customers) in your jurisdiction of residence. Falsifying your age to procure products from this website is unlawful and may result in legal consequences. Purchasing items on behalf of a minor is strictly prohibited and may lead to legal penalties, as well as future restrictions on our website.

We utilize the AgeChecker.Net platform, an industry-leading age verification system, to confirm your eligibility for purchase.

What information does AgeChecker.Net collect?
The age verification process occurs during payment. When you proceed to pay for your order, AgeChecker.Net will prompt you to input your date of birth via a pop-up window. Additionally, upon registration and payment completion, AgeChecker.Net automatically extracts details such as your name and address from your billing information. It then verifies your legal age, achieving success over 90% of the time through public records databases and previously verified customer data.

In some instances, if there are inconsistencies in the provided information, you may be required to provide identification for further verification. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure the accuracy of your details when placing an order. This is not merely a standard age gate displayed on the homepage! Providing your precise date of birth facilitates quicker verification and order processing.

Please note: None of the information collected, nor any requested identification cards, will be stored or accessible within Vapezilla's database system. The entire verification process is handled by AgeChecker.Net, a trusted leader in the industry. Therefore, there are no concerns regarding the exposure of your information on our online store.

By making a purchase from our store, you affirm that you are of legal smoking age in your jurisdiction (21+ in the United States according to federal law).

We retain the right to decline and cancel orders if proper identification cannot be promptly provided.

Vapezilla is dedicated to youth prevention and has implemented a secure, industry-leading age verification system to authenticate every order placed on our platform. Our team continuously enhances our age verification procedures and enhances our payment methods to prevent underage purchases.

Denial or restriction of service

Given the nature of online sales, we reserve the right to refuse service to any individual. If you believe that your denial of service is unwarranted, please reach out to our customer service team at